Creation of the TWW (Toezicht Welzijn op het Werk) on-call service

Starting from 01/10/2020, Oversight of Well-being at Work (TWW) will set up an active on-call service. This makes it possible to immediately report very serious occupational accidents that occur outside office hours by telephone on working days, Saturdays or Sundays and public holidays as well as during the period of collective closure between Christmas and New Year.



As an employer, what must you do in the event of a very serious occupational accident? 

First of all, you should report the accident immediately to TWW using a technologically appropriate means and including the following information:

  • Name and address of the victim’s employer
  • Name of the victim
  • Date of the accident
  • Location of the accident
  • Brief description of the accident
  • Probable consequences
  • Where can you go with this information?

If this very serious occupational accident occurs during working hours on working days, you can contact the TWW daytime service. You can find the contact details of the relevant department in Module 17 of your VARIO dossier. Third parties under the sub-menu ‘Toezicht Welzijn op het Werk’. Starting from 01/10/2020, if this very serious occupational accident occurs outside ‘normal’ office hours on working days, you should contact the TWW on-call service. To do this, use the following telephone numbers:


  • Dutch-speaking service: 02 235 53 00
  • French-speaking service: 02 235 55 44
  • For very serious occupational accidents that occur on the sites of a Seveso company, use the telephone number 02 233 45 12, as usual.

We would also like to share the following tips with you:

  • Please include the above phone numbers in your Emergency Plan and post them where they are clearly visible.
  • Is your company VCA- or ISO 45001-certified? Then, also remember to inform your VCA auditor of any accidents which require the drafting of a detailed report. This additional requirement was recently added.

Do you have any questions about what you should do in the event of accidents at work, or are you unsure whether an occupational accident should be categorized as (very) serious? Please contact your Incerta Dossier Manager for the necessary guidance.