Do not forget to adjust your RI&E in function of the COVID-19 measures

Every employer must establish a prevention policy according to a certain strategy. This policy is based on the risk analysis or risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E). Most companies have prepared a risk analysis based on their activities, but there is often a lack of periodic review or evaluation. 

In the event of changes, the risk analysis must be continuously adapted. Examples of these changes include hiring trainees or interns, commissioning a new machine, using a new product etc. The introduction of something new or the implementation of changes also means that new risks must be identified.

We would like to give this some context using the example of the new, stricter COVID-19 measures, where working from home is mandatory for all companies (unless this is impossible due to the nature of the position or for the continuity of business operations). It is important that you re-evaluate your risk analyses regarding computer screen work and/or psychosocial aspects and adjust them as necessary, so that this analysis is dynamic and up to date.

In concrete terms, this means that you should include working from home in your risk analysis. Possible hazards include an inappropriate working environment (non-ergonomic furniture, poor sitting posture etc.) as well as social isolation, resulting in a psychosocial burden. It is up to the employer, in consultation with the Prevention Advisor, to formulate and implement the necessary measures. Would you like to receive guidance in the development or evaluation of your risk analysis?  

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