Does your company already have internal COVID-19 signage?

By now your company has gone through the first phase of the reopening process, and most of the employees are back at work. To manage this properly, additional prevention measures are necessary. All rules must be correctly formulated and observed, but how do you best manage this? One of the possibilities is the application of internal signage using pictograms.

These clear and simple images can influence the behaviour of your employees. The pictograms are also universal and therefore understandable by everyone. The image above shows the set of pictograms. Would you like to receive these in PDF format, together or individually? Please feel free to contact your Incerta Dossier Manager.


Tip for VARIO customers: Did you know that you can download several useful documents related to COVID-19 from your VARIO library? You can download posters as well as instruction cards that can be used as guides for toolbox meetings etc. You can find them within the ‘Instruction cards > Hygiene’ group.


Do you have any questions about the COVID-19 prevention measures, or would you like guidance in the introduction of such measures into your company?  Please feel free to contact us.