Incerta creates partnership with Cplus for the distribution of VARIO in Wallonia

Cplus, located in Sart-Barnard close to Namur, has been active for 15 years as a consulting agency in the areas of Quality, Safety, Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility. With a team of 10 experts, they provide training and advice on legislation and various standards, including ISO, VCA, IFS and FCA, which are popular in the Food, Feed, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical sectors, among others. They assist their customers in setting up their QHSE management systems in areas such as compliance, audits, inspections, testing, document management… and provide guidance both before and after the certification process. Since 2006, they have helped more than 400 satisfied customers in Wallonia, Luxembourg and Northern France. For years they had been looking for a digital solution that would enable integrated and effective quality, safety and/or environmental management.  They first evaluated a tool from Canada and then considered developing custom software themselves. After an initial introduction and demo by VARIO, they were immediately convinced of the benefits of this software application. The solution met all their expectations and could provide all the benefits they were looking for for their customers.


After a one-year evaluation, Incerta and Cplus have launched an exclusive partnership for the commercialization and implementation of VARIO software in Wallonia, Luxembourg and Northern France. Cplus can now offer its customers a professional and reliable digital platform that meets the needs of any type of organization (from subcontractor to multinational). What’s more, VARIO is an ever-evolving tool that responds to changing standards, the market and the needs of the customer. From now on, Cplus will implement this software in their customers’ businesses. With this strong partnership, Incerta lends force to its own growth strategy with a view to further expansion beyond Flanders.


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