Incerta earns ISO 27001 and renews ISO 9001 certification

Since 1 July 2020, Incerta can proudly present its ISO 27001 certificate. Proof that, as a supplier of VARIO software, we meet the stringent requirements set out in the relevant Information Security Standard. The preparation phase took 2 years and prompted Incerta to take various preventive measures and to utilize strict procedures in the areas of data security and protection. To achieve this, advanced systems, such as data encryption and two-factor authentication (2FA), to name just a few, were introduced. This enables Incerta to demonstrate that, as a data processor, they handle their customer’s data with the highest level of security and use this data in a controlled manner within the organization.

With the European introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation – better known as GDPR – the rules on data protection were considerably tightened and that created the public awareness that each individual has the right to access, correct and anonymize his or her personal information. Each company must therefore comply with the GDPR regulations, although this is rarely checked independently. Only in the event of an infringement, and often after a complaint has been lodged, can action be taken by a governmental investigative authority.

The ISO 27001 standard was established to clearly define requirements in the area of information management systems where, during an in-depth evaluation, an external auditing authority assesses to what extent a company meets these requirements. By being willing to go through this process, Incerta has set its own bar very high. The Executive Board wanted to give their (future) customers and partners the guarantee that their data is in good hands. By earning this standard, Incerta confirms its market position as a trendsetter in software for the management of safety, quality and the environment. And in terms of quality assurance, Incerta has augmented its credibility by once again renewing its ISO 9001 certificate for the coming years.