Kameo Jobs

Kameo Jobs BV contacted us asking whether we could guide them in obtaining their VCU certificate. VCU stands for Safety and Health Checklist Staffing Agencies. By obtaining this VCU certificate, Kameo Jobs wants to position itself in the market as an expert and reliable temporary employment agency—an agency where safe and healthy work are at the forefront.


In the first phase, the Incerta consultant explained the VCU standard, so they were knowledgeable about the content of the standard. At the same time, they were trained to work in VARIO. Step by step, all the necessary info and data were collected and implemented in VARIO, so that the VCU process could be managed digitally. In a final phase, an internal audit was carried out in preparation for the external audit. This way we were sure that Kameo Jobs was ready for certification.


In the future, Kameo Jobs can track everything related to VCU itself in VARIO. Of course, they can always contact their Dossier Manager at any time if they need assistance.

"VARIO, also for obtaining/managing a VCU certificate"

Kameo Jobs is your recruitment and selection agency in Antwerp, always passionate about finding the right match between candidates and customers. With an open mind, they stand with both feet in the recruitment world, where their personal approach, professionalism, talents and passions make all the difference. They listen, think, do and grow along with you.

Mrs. Hakima Farihi, Business Manager, Kameo Jobs