ISO9001 / ISO14001 / ISO45001 / ISO27001 / ISO39001

ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management systems. Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of the organization are the main focus of this certification. It defines a framework used for constructing a quality system. Starting from the Deming circle (Plan-Do-Check-Act), our employees work together with you to compile an ISO dossier. You may also contact us for further assistance related to ISO 9001.

ISO 14001 is an international standard that specifies the requirements that a good environmental management system should meet. It is a management system for evaluating, improving and reporting environmental performance and for tracking compliance with environmental legislation. Obtaining and managing this certificate requires a great deal of effort and can easily consume a good deal of company resources. So, let our team guide you here, too.

ISO 45001 is the successor to the OHSAS 18001 standard and is a certifiable management system standard for safe and healthy working conditions. It provides a very clear framework within which an organization should establish its safety management processes. This process begins with a policy statement and works step-by-step toward continuous improvement of the working conditions. If you wish to obtain this certificate or to manage it more easily, allow us to assist you. We can take much of the burden from your shoulders.

ISO 27001 is the international standard that describes the implementation of a good information security system. It also takes into account the risks of information security. The organisation must correctly identify these risks in order to then document and implement the appropriate measures. A well-structured dossier is crucial here. After implementation, continuous monitoring is required.

ISO 39001 is an international standard for road safety management and monitoring. The aim of this relatively new standard is to reduce the number of traffic deaths and serious injuries and to raise awareness of road safety. The implementation of this management system can add significant value to companies in the transport sector or companies with (large) vehicle fleets. Your dossier is compiled together with our experts, and you can always call on us afterwards if you need more assistance.

How do we help you obtain your certificate?


Setting up the registration system

In this preparatory step, all relevant information and documentation is collected. This includes processes, procedures, stakeholders, objectives and KPIs, as well as outstanding complaints, deviations, measures etc. To do this, we use the various modules that VARIO makes available for starting up a safety and quality assurance system.


Use of the assurance system

According to the plan-do-check-act principle, continuous improvement is a cyclical process consisting of planning, execution, evaluation and adjustment. In other words, ISO management requires regular efforts and follow-up—the kind of efforts and follow-up that can only be achieved by means of automated administrative management, which is the intended use of our VARIO software. 


The internal audit

In this third step, an internal audit is performed to assess to what degree the company already complies with the ISO regulations. This step, during which any deficiencies which have yet to be resolved are assessed together with the Dossier Manager, is done in preparation for the external audit. 


The certification audit

The last step consists of the certification audit itself. This audit is conducted by an independent, recognized auditing authority. This external audit will be a more in-depth version of the internal audit. The handbook is reviewed carefully and is checked to make sure all issues have been adequately addressed in practice. If successful, the ISO certificate is awarded!