Collectors, waste dealers or brokers of hazardous waste must have and operate according to an up-to-date, approved quality assurance system (kwaliteitsborgingsysteem, or KBS). After all, an insufficient KBS may result in your registration being suspended. In addition to certain guidelines and a list of responsibilities, the KBS must also contain many specific working methods. Don’t worry, we can assist you quickly by adding and writing out the necessary working methods.

How do we help you obtain your KBS?


Setting up the registration system

In this preparatory step, all relevant information and documentation is collected. This includes processes, procedures, stakeholders, objectives and KPIs, as well as outstanding complaints, deviations, measures etc. To do this, we use the various modules that VARIO makes available for starting up a KBS.


Use of the assurance system

We will check whether you are already registered with OVAM. Unnecessary EURAL codes will be removed from your registration, and the missing codes are added. Inspection data are checked.


The internal audit

In this third step, an internal audit is performed to assess to what degree the company already complies with the KBS requirements. This step, during which any deficiencies which have yet to be resolved are assessed together with the Dossier Manager, is done in preparation for the certification audit.


The certification audit

The last step consists of the certification audit itself. This audit is conducted by an independent, recognized auditing authority. During this inspection, the quality assurance system is evaluated to ensure that it meets all the requirements, that it is robust enough to ensure that all legal requirements are complied with in practice and that it is actually applied in practice.