VCA*/VCA**/VCA Petrochemicals

VCA stands for VGM Checklist Aannemers (SHE Checklist Contractors (SHE = Safety, Health and Environment)) and is a complete program that provides service companies with structural and objective testing and certification of their HSE management systems.


VCA is structured as a checklist consisting of requirements in which both practices and documentation are important.  However, the system is associated with several problems which are primarily related to the execution and practical implementation of the system. For most companies, the administrative aspect is most difficult, which means that an overview is often not available. There is no consistency between different lists, documents, procedures, forms, etc. Our employees are all experienced safety, quality and environmental experts who can guide you to successful certification.


This way, you will have more time to invest in practical safety and other day-to-day tasks in the company, while drastically reducing the administrative burden.

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How do we help you obtain your certificate?


Determining the VCA certification level

VCA for companies is available at three certification levels. It is important to determine your company’s level in advance. These are the differences:

  • VCA*: This is the basic version, intended for companies that work primarily as sub-contractors.
  • VCA**: This version is for companies that work primarily as general contractors.
  • VCA Petrochemicals: This is the most extensive version, intended for companies in the petrochemical sector.


Implementing the VCA Checklist in practice

The objective of the VCA standard is to map out and manage the health and safety risks faced by the operational employees. The risks must be mapped out, and they require control measures which must be put into practice in the field. The VCA enforces various aspects, as described in the VCA handbook, with which the company must comply – hence the concept of a “checklist”. The ability to demonstrate the efforts made is an important aspect of this. VARIO software ensures that the VCA management is safeguarded and that it does not become an administrative burden or hassle. 


The internal audit

In the third step, an internal audit is performed to assess to what degree the company already complies with the VCA regulations. This step, during which any deficiencies which have yet to be resolved are assessed together with the Dossier Manager, is done in preparation for the external audit. 


The certification audit

The last step consists of the certification audit itself. This audit is conducted by an independent, recognized auditing authority. This external audit will be a more in-depth version of the internal audit. The handbook is reviewed carefully and is checked to make sure all issues have been adequately addressed in practice. If successful, the VCA certificate is awarded!