Software for ISO management

A system for guaranteeing continuous improvement

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization.

ISO beheer software

Policies and objectives

The aim of the management system is to achieve those organisational objectives which are part of a clear-cut management policy. This system should take into account the legislation and regulations as well as the risks and opportunities associated with the improvement of processes, products or services which are influenced by various stakeholders. Linked to each objective are measures which should lead to improvement.

Monitoring and Adjustment

An effective management system is characterized by the organization being increasingly able to achieve its objectives by means of the continuous improvement of its performance. According to the plan-do-act-check cycle, this is a continuous process which alternates between checks and subsequent adjustments. It is important to define everything clearly in the form of procedures, process descriptions and work instructions, so that the results achieved are guaranteed.
ISO beheer software
ISO beheer software

High-Level Structure

The initiative behind HLS is to define an identical chapter structure for all ISO standards, so that one single sequence of chapters and their interrelationships can be employed. This helps to maintain consistency and allows one language to be spoken for all the standards. This, in turn, has made it possible to uniformly administer safety, quality and environmental management systems. VARIO Software also supports the HLS structure and thereby provides a total solution for all supporting QHSE services.

What can VARIO mean for your ISO management?


Maintain continuous improvement by way of automated planning


Maintain uniformity and control over all your documents


Improve company performance thanks to the collaborative platform


Generate automatic reports of measurements, complaints, actions, inspections etc.


Learn from the analysis of notifications, measurements and investigations

Opt for more efficient QHSE management today.