Software for mobile applications

One tool for administrative follow-up on work sites and on location

One app for all functions

With the VARIO Mobile app, we extend the administrative possibilities of VARIO Online or VARIO Business all the way to the work site or on location. Each module is adapted with its own extension, which speeds up administrative tasks without all the paperwork.

Personal assistant

The mobile app only shows data that is relevant to the user. Not only is your choice of language transferred to the app, but messages, actions, documents and forms only remain available as long as they are useful. This allows the user to maintain an overview, while VARIO keeps him or her informed of new and urgent matters.

Autonomy and ease of use

You must always be able to work digitally, even if the Internet connection is lost. That is why all data is stored locally. Using the app on a smartphone or tablet also allows you, with the touch of just one button, to link photographic evidence. Once everything has been registered, the data can be synchronized and processed immediately.

What are the benefits of VARIO Mobile?


Register all kinds of notifications and link photos as evidence.


Send messages to the appropriate people for immediate action.


All important documents are always at hand.


Manage your personal inspections, audits, testing, toolbox meetings, ... via one tool.


Use the app even without Internet connectivity.

The VARIO app is available for Android and iOS.