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A VCA certificate is valuable to your company and to your employees

A VCA certificate is valuable to your company and to your employees

Employee well-being

Safe working conditions are very important to the employee. VCA was developed to assess and certify the working methods of service companies. When you are awarded a VCA certificate, you show that your company meets current safety, health and environmental requirements. It also increases the safety awareness of both your own people as well as your subcontractors, and that reduces the risk of accidents. Dynamic risk management proactively contributes to the well-being of every employee.

Approved materials & PPE

Tracking equipment commissionings and inspections, together with the provision of clear work instructions, is essential for the safe use of all your materials.
And since employees are exposed to risks on the workfloor every single day, PPE plays an essential role within the hierarchy of preventive measures.
All of these aspects are discussed during toolbox meetings, one of the most important requirements set out in the VCA.

A safe working environment

Construction sites, production environments, warehouses,… They all involve hazards to which workers are exposed. Clearly identifying potential risks is necessary in order to make the working environment safer. Periodic checks during inspection tours or workstation inspections ensure continuous vigilance. And in order to prevent accidents, each notification of a hazardous situation must be further investigated.
The VCA forces the employer to pursue a strict safety policy.

What can VARIO mean for your VCA management?


Notify the right people, at the right time, when actions, inspections, training programs,…lapse.


Go through each chapter of the VCA using the convenient VCA menu.


Receive an overview of all items that do not comply with the prescribed standards.


Generate automatic reports of management assessments, accident investigations, inspections and audits, among others.


Make use of our extensive library of procedures, instruction cards, risk analyses, checklists, ...

Opt for more efficient VCA management today.