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The importance of e-toolbox meetings in COVID-19 times

As a company, how do you handle toolbox meetings during the corona pandemic, when telework is the norm and ‘social distancing’ is the rule? Information sharing should not simply be postponed or cancelled, at any rate. We propose an alternative.


If you are a VCA-certified company, you are obligated to organize a certain number of toolboxes per year, depending on your certification level. As the corona crisis is currently making this very difficult, you should look for alternatives for disseminating information and instructions to your employees. Even for non-VCA-certified companies, consultation and communication are and remain crucial elements in business operations.


However, the VCA standard allows you to organize 50% of your total number of toolbox meetings in an ‘alternative manner’. VARIO has the ideal alternative for continuing to hold your regular meetings—the e-toolbox meeting. With the electronic toolbox, you can send information (text files, photos, videos etc.) to your employees.


The e-toolbox can also be used as an e-learning tool by optionally linking a list of questions to it that the employees must fill in afterwards. The answers to this list of questions give you a good idea of whether, and how many, employees correctly understood the contents of the toolbox.

Finally, you will receive a complete overview of the attendance rate of your toolbox meeting, and you can also demonstrate that you organized periodic toolboxes, even during corona times.


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