Tips for your periodic inspections

In the case of work equipment subject to an inspection by an External Service for Technical Control in the Workplace [Externe Dienst voor Technische Controles op de werkplaats (EDTC)], it is often difficult to check whether and when the last inspection was carried out. Inspection frequency may also vary depending on the type of equipment. For example, hoisting equipment (e.g. hoisting belts, chains etc.) is subject to a quarterly inspection instead of an annual external inspection.

Work equipment that has been rejected or is not inspected at the required interval may not be used for any work activities. It is therefore important that all employees, including temporary staff, are informed of these requirements. 


What method do you now use to ensure that employees know which work equipment has been approved or rejected?

Inspection stickers or tie wraps are often used.  In the case of tie wraps, one single colour is used each year. For example, the colour purple is used to indicate all the equipment approved in the year 2020. The following year a different colour is chosen. To avoid confusion, it is best to use the same colour coding throughout the entire company. Using the colour red is not recommended, as this colour is often linked to rejected material. For work equipment subject to quarterly inspection, it is best to make logical colour choices.


A handy tip is to link the use of colour codes to the seasons: The colour white for winter, green for spring, yellow for summer and brown for autumn.


How do you ensure the correct registration and tracking of your work equipment that requires inspection?

In addition to the correct labelling of the equipment, it is also important to correctly register and track the inspections, so that the next inspection can be scheduled in time.

VARIO ensures that you have an up-to-date equipment inventory, allowing you to efficiently manage all inspections. All inspection reports can also be included in this service. VARIO will also inform you in good time when an internal or external inspection has expired, so that you can follow up on this appropriately. If you wish, we can also perform the commissioning of your equipment for you.


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