When should you appoint a Prevention Advisor?

Every company that has one or more employees must be affiliated with an External Service for Prevention and Protection (ESPP), where you will have an external Prevention Advisor assigned to you. The ESPP often also handles medical examinations, for example. However, every company must also have an Internal Service for Prevention and Protection (ISPP). This consists of one or more internal Prevention Advisors, who are responsible for drawing up the dynamic risk management system. The division of tasks between the ISPP and the ESPP is set out in the so-called identification document. 


Specifically, companies are classified into 4 groups (groups A, B, C and D) based on the size and risk classification of their activities. The combination of these two factors determines the level of training (Level I, II or III) required for the internal Prevention Advisor. In companies with fewer than 20 employees (Group D), the Director may act as the internal Prevention Advisor. As soon as there are more than 20 employees, the Director must designate another employee who assumes responsibility for this task and who has the necessary level of training. Often, at this point, external support, such as guidance from Incerta, is brought in. 


Would you like to know what type of company you are and which level of training is legally required for your Prevention Advisor? Or does your company need assistance with its prevention administration?


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